Free ePub to TXT Converter

Free ePub to TXT Converter
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    Free ePub to TXT Converter
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    2023-05-15 22:15:55
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There are many readers who prefer the .txt format whilst reading eBooks. The Free ePub to TXT Converter allows them to convert the former files to the latter, which is the most common of all. It is a very flexible file type which can be used on any Windows and Android platforms and a variety of devices. Therefore, this tool can prove to be very handy. It is a powerful tool that does not require much time for the job to be accomplished. Though it is a small sized file, the app has been so designed as to make it easier for users to handle it without any glitches. With just a few clicks, users can enjoy their favorite books on any devices of their choice. The Free ePub to TXT Converter has a host of features which makes it one of the better known products. It can convert a number of ePub files in one go with the batch conversion option. The user friendly interface of the tool is yet another advantage. Any functions can be achieved with just a few clicks. The software can be installed onto any device that runs on Windows OS. Once this is done, users need to add the ePub files from their folder with the drag and drop feature. At any point in time, they can add new ones and remove some from the list. Users can even remove all of them from the Free ePub to TXT Converter with just a single click. The next thing to do is to choose the output folder. The ‘Convert’ button will start the process. Just by using the ‘double click’ option users can check the progress of each file. They can even open the output folder from the interface itself.