Free ePub to Pdf Converter

Free ePub to Pdf Converter
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    Free ePub to Pdf Converter
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    2023-05-15 22:15:55
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Having eBooks in the PDF format can prove to be very helpful for all those who use platforms such as iOS, Kindle, Nook, etc, in order to meet their reading purposes. Therefore, the Free ePub to PDF Converter is indeed a very useful tool which converts the open and free standard ePub to the professional PDF. It takes just a few clicks to get it done and someone who is new to such technology will also find it very simple to use. There are a host of features which make the software very popular. The first one is that it retains the original layout and quality of the eBooks during the conversion. There is no loss in this regard. Secondly, it is absolutely free of cost. It does not come with a trial period. The absence of any viruses is also impressive in the freeware. The batch conversion feature of the Free ePub to PDF Converter ensures that users do not spend hours together in front of the systems and upload one file after the other. Several of them can be converted in one go. Apart from the default settings, there are quite a few advanced options as well. This enables users to resize their files, create bookmarks and add notes wherever they wish. Users can zoom in and zoom out the pages and use the full screen mode in order to have the best reading experience. The length and width of the resultant files can also be modified with just a few clicks. If users wish to encrypt them, they can add passwords to the PDF files. The Free ePub to PDF Converter supports other formats such as TXT, DOC, HTML, etc. Therefore, it is a comprehensive tool that gives prominence to quality and functionality.