Free MPEG to WMV Converter

Free MPEG to WMV Converter
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    Free MPEG to WMV Converter
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    2023-05-15 22:15:57
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The Free MPEG to WMV Converter, as the name suggests, converts MPEG files to the WMV format. All those users who have Windows Media players or mobile phones that run on Windows OS need their video files in the WMV format. Apart from these, there are several other devices that support this file type. Therefore, the tool can prove to be very handy when users cannot play their MPEG videos due to compatibility and other issues. Though there are several such converters available for people in the internet, this software is one of the preferred ones. One reason is the quality of the WMV files. Users will not find any difference whatsoever in the source and the output. In some cases, the resultant files are much better in quality then the MPEG videos. The Free MPEG to WMV Converter is a standalone app that does not require internet connectivity for the conversion. Once the software is installed, users can get the conversion done without any additional requirements. The features available to them are also commendable. The user interface is simple and can be comprehended by even a novice without any issues. There are no complex functions in the software. It is very fast and a number of conversions can be accomplished within a few minutes. The Free MPEG to WMV Converter is absolutely safe as it does not contain any malware. Since it is a light weight tool, it does not eat up the available disk space. In fact, it can be used as a background program even if there are several others running on the PC. It has many editing options as well. The WMV files can be resized, cropped, rotated, merged, etc, and this way, users can create their own mark with the Free MPEG to WMV Converter.