Free MPG Converter

Free MPG Converter
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    Free MPG Converter
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    2023-05-15 22:15:57
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The Free MPG Converter is a comprehensive tool that converts videos in this format to many other file types. Some of these include AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, DivX, etc, WMV and MKV. Users who wish to play their videos and movies on their portable devices without any compatibility issues can download and use this software for free. Since the media industry deals with audio and video files on a daily basis, having this tool can prove to be quite handy. It is also ideal for personal use and all those who are unable to view their MPG files on media players and mobile phones can now do so with convenience. The Free MPG Converter has a user friendly interface which anyone can comprehend. Someone who is new to the technology can also handle the software without any assistance. Since it does not contain any malware, the download and installation can be achieved within a few minutes. Once this is done, users need to click on ‘Add files’, browse through their folders and select the MPG files that need converting. The software allows batch conversion and therefore, all those videos which need to be changed to one particular format can be done at the same time. This saves a lot of time. When the files have been added onto the Free MPG Converter, users can choose the default settings or opt for the advanced features. Parameters such as resolution, quality, volume control, bit rate, etc, can all be further enhanced by them at this stage. The preview window will help users in making the necessary changes. When all the settings are confirmed, the software then allows them to choose the order of conversion. Finally, the ‘Convert now’ button is to be clicked on. The Free MPG Converter works well without compromising on the quality.