Free MPEG to MP4 Converter

Free MPEG to MP4 Converter
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    Free MPEG to MP4 Converter
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    2023-05-15 22:15:57
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When it comes to video files, MP4 is perhaps the most popular types because of its compatibility with various platforms. Apart from this, the quality of the format is yet another reason for users preferring it over others. The Free MPEG to MP4 Converter, as the name suggests, converts lossy MPEG files to high quality MP4 ones in very less time. It is a very convenient tool that can be downloaded onto systems that run on any versions of the Windows OS. The versatility of this software is quite impressive. Apart from this, the converted MP4 files can be transferred onto various players and mobiles phones with ease. This enables users to enjoy their favourite videos at all times and anywhere. The Free MPEG to MP4 Converter is very convenient to use. Since it is a malware free tool, it can be installed within a few minutes. Once this is done, users need to click on ‘Add files’, browse through the folders and queue all such videos that need converting. The users can then opt for the default quality settings or go for the advanced options. The latter can be put to use with just a few clicks. The Free MPEG to MP4 Converter even allows users to capture images from the video files and save them in the PNG format. The software remembers the last destination in which the converted files were saved and sets the same as default. However, it can be changed by users at any point in time. They can open the folder from the interface itself and this saves time. The light weight software does not require much disk space as well. Therefore, the Free MPEG to MP4 Converter can be downloaded by anyone who wishes to have top class MP4 files effortlessly.