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Free MPEG to MOV Converter
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    Free MPEG to MOV Converter
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    2023-05-15 22:15:57
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When it comes to MPEG and MOV formats, each one of them has distinctive features which make them popular. MPEG is a compressed file type that can be played on several platforms. MOV was developed by Apple and is ideal for watching QuickTime movies on specific devices. It is known for its high quality; however, it cannot be played on all apple devices. The Free MPEG to MOV Converter changes the former files to the latter type in order to improve their compatibility so that users can watch them on almost all Apple devices. It is a very functional tool as the converted files are of high quality. There is no loss during the conversion. Though it is a light weight app, it is quite powerful. The presence of a number of interesting features makes it one of the better known products available in the internet database. It can be used for professional and personal use alike. There is no need of referring to any tutorials as the interface is very straight forward. Things such batch conversion, preview window and auto shutdown are some of the functions available for users. The first one in the Free MPEG to MOV Converter allows them to convert a number of files simultaneously. The preview window lets them to have an idea of how the output files will appear and make any changes to the parameters, if necessary. When the auto shutdown option is checked, the system shuts down automatically once the conversions are complete. With this feature, users can make the most of their time by avoiding sitting in front of their PCs for longer time periods. The Free MPEG to MOV Converter also has a progress bar for each file being converted to keep a tab on a real time basis.