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Free ePub to AZW Converter
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    Free ePub to AZW Converter
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    2023-05-15 22:15:55
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In order to access the innumerable eBooks in the AZW format, the Free ePub to AZW Converter is an apt solution. ePub is a very compatible file type that can be used on a number of eReaders. It is very popular and is an open eBook standard. However, it cannot be opened on any Kindle devices. AZW is a file type that is owned by Amazon and in order to enjoy eBooks in specific eReaders, this tool can prove to be very handy. It is a very convenient tool since anyone can use it without any glitches. A simple design and a user friendly interface make it one of the better known products from amongst its ilk. All those who have a Kindle reader can make the most of this converter software as it is absolutely free of cost. Once it is downloaded and installed onto a device that runs on Windows OS, the tool is good to go. The Free ePub to AZW Converter supports batch conversion. All that the users need to do is to initiate the software, drag and drop the ePub files onto it and get the conversion done with just a few clicks. They can add any number of files and remove some or all of them from the list. The original layout and quality is preserved during the process and there is no loss in this regard. The next thing to do would be to select the output folder in which the resultant files are to be saved. The ‘convert’ button will start the job and users can keep a tab on the time with the help of a progress bar. The Free ePub to AZW Converter preserves the original layout and quality and there is no loss during the conversion.