Free WMV to 3GP Converter

Free WMV to 3GP Converter
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    Free WMV to 3GP Converter
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    2023-05-15 22:16:00
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WMV is a very popular file format thanks to its many features. However, this file cannot be played on certain mobile phones, tablets, etc. 3GP is a kind of video format which can be used in any mobile gadgets, whether it is phones or tablets. It is preferred by professionals as well as for personal purposes. So, users who have a number of WMV files that they wish to view on mobile devices can download the Free WMV to 3GP Converter. This tool comes for absolutely no cost at all. However, users need not worry about the quality of their 3GP files. They can enjoy top class videos and movies which can be carried anywhere on their mobile devices and can be played at all times. For professionals, the software comes embedded with many advanced settings. Parameters such as resolution, frame rate, bit rate, volume, etc, can all be enhanced with these options, making the viewing more delightful. Another feather in the cap is the speed with which the conversion happens. The Free WMV to 3GP Converter hardly takes more than a few seconds to get the job done. However, if bulk files are added at one go and converted simultaneously, it might take a little longer. The user interface is also quite straight forward. Anyone can operate it without the need for a guide. Once the freeware is downloaded and installed, the users need to add the WMV files that have to be converted onto the program. When this is done, they can set the order of conversion depending on their requirements. The output folder can also be chosen from the Free WMV to 3GP Converter, should the user wish to change the default setting. It is a tool that can be worked on with just a few clicks.