Free VOB to MKV Converter

Free VOB to MKV Converter
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    Free VOB to MKV Converter
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    2023-05-15 22:15:59
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The Free VOB to MKV Converter, as the name suggests, coverts DVD content to the MKV format so that such videos can be played on several platforms. It is a useful tool when users need to play files on the go, especially for all those working in the media industry. Even for personal use, this freeware comes across as very handy as it supports mobile phones as well. Once the conversion is accomplished, users can effortlessly transfer their videos onto their phones. The MKV format is a lossy format when compared to VOB. However, with the Free VOB to MKV Converter, users can be sure of getting very high quality. For some files, the output quality is much better than the original as users can opt for HD viewing. The speed of conversion is also quite impressive. Since the tool supports batch conversion, users can upload a number of files at one go and convert them simultaneously. Each of the file can be individually viewed on the preview window and modified as per the users’ requirements. Parameters such as resolution, bit rate, colour, volume control, etc, can all be customised. The Free VOB to MKV Converter has a progress bar for every file that is being converted. With the help of this feature, users can keep a tab on how much time is left for the process to be completed and plan their work accordingly. They can even save the MKV files in a folder of their choice, though the software remembers the last destination in which they were saved. It is a light weight tool that does not require much disk space. However, its file size does not affect its functionality. The Free VOB to MKV Converter is high in quality and hence, is recommended to be downloaded.