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Free MTS Converter
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    Free MTS Converter
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    2023-05-15 22:15:58
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MTS is a file extension of the more popular AVCHD, which is used by top quality camcorders to store their recordings. Since most of the users who record videos wish to watch them on other portable devices such as mobile phones, it becomes inevitable to convert them to the relevant file types. 3GP is one such format which is used by most mobile phone companies to store videos. Therefore, for all such requirements, the Free MTS to 3GP Converter is a very handy tool. It is very easy to convert the recordings into the latter format. Anyone can comprehend the software. Even those users who are new to the technology can comprehend it in the first instance. It comes with a number of advantages which they can make the most of. The first one is that it is entirely free of cost. There is an absence of any malware or adware during the installation and this ensures that the systemís security is not tampered with. The Free MTS to 3GP Converter can be downloaded onto any device that runs on Windows OS. It does not require any additional programs for its functioning. Once it is initiated, users can add the MTS files onto the software. Since the tool supports batch conversion, a number of files can be converted in one go. Users can add, remove some and remove all the files from the list at this stage. They can even set the order of conversion by moving those videos up in the queue that are needed on an urgent basis. The next step is to enhance the output quality. Parameters such as resolution, file size, brightness, contrast, etc, are some of the options which can be modified. The Free MTS to 3GP Converter even has a progress bar for the usersí convenience.