Free MPG to MPEG Converter

Free MPG to MPEG Converter
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    Free MPG to MPEG Converter
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    2023-05-15 22:15:58
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Though MPG is a file extension of MPEG, there are a few differences between these two formats. Some players do not support one of the aforementioned video files and therefore, it is ideal to have the Free MPG to MPEG Converter. Both of them are lossy and compressed formats. However, some MPEG files take lesser space than those of the MPG. For all such reasons, the software can prove to be very useful. It is free of cost and users need not subscribe for any updates for the same. The fact that it does its job well and does not affect the quality of the files is quite an impressive feature. Once the files are converted, they can be transferred to various portable players and mobile devices very easily. Most of such software comes with complex settings and users get confused about how to use them. However, with the Free MPG to MPEG Converter, they can rest assured of the ease of operation. Since the tool is free from any malware and adware, the installation does not pose any risks to the system’s performance. The converter supports batch conversion of files. This means that several MPG files can be added onto the interface and converted simultaneously. With the help of this feature, users can save a lot of time and effort by avoiding the painful process of adding one file after the other. Another feature is that the quality of the MPEG files can be modified using the advanced settings options. The Free MPG to MPEG Converter remembers the last saved destination folder and opts for the same by default. However, before pressing the ‘Convert now’ button, users can change the output folder as per their requirements. They can even open the folder from the interface itself.