Free MPG to AVI Converter

Free MPG to AVI Converter
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    Free MPG to AVI Converter
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    2023-05-15 22:15:58
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A portable player does not necessarily support most of the formats used to store multimedia files. Many users find it difficult to view their favourite files due to compatibility issues. If users have several MPG files which cannot be played due to this reason, the Free MPG to AVI Converter is an apt solution. Though both the files types are popular, it is AVI which is more preferred because of quality and the fact that it does not take much disk space. It can even be played on quite a few mobile devices and hence, the converter should be considered. Apart from this reason, it is free of cost and there are no hidden charges or subscriptions that users need to deal with. It is a clean tool that is concise and powerful. Though it is a small app, there is nothing that stops it from being one of the better known products. The Free MPG to AVI Converter is very simple to operate. Even someone who is new to the technology can use it without the need of referring to the tutorial. Once the software is installed onto the system, users need to click on the ‘Add files’ option and upload the MPG files that need converting. Since is supports batch conversion, several files can be converted simultaneously. At this stage, users can also select the order of conversion so that the ones that have to be viewed immediately can be pushed up in the list. The Free MPG to AVI Converter also allows users to remove files from the queue and defer them for later. The resolution, bit rate, volume, brightness, etc, can be modified by checking the preview window. The tool has all the functions laid out in the interface itself, and this makes it convenient.