Free MPEG to AVCHD Converter

Free MPEG to AVCHD Converter
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    Free MPEG to AVCHD Converter
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    2023-05-15 22:15:57
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Those who deal with multimedia files every day are aware of the number of formats that are available to store audio and video content. MPEG is a video format that is very popular because of its compatibility. However, it is compressed and lossy and is not high in quality. AVCHD was initially developed to store digital content in well known camcorders. With time, it has become versatile and now such HD videos can be played on portable devices and mobile phones as well. The Free MPEG to AVCHD Converter is a very handy tool that lets professionals convert their lossy videos into HD quality. It can even be used for personal use, thanks to its simple interface. All the functions are laid out in a convenient manner so that they are readily available to users. The download and installation of the tool can be accomplished within a few minutes since its file size is small. It does not contain any malware and can be considered safe. Once the Free MPEG to AVCHD Converter is initiated onto a device, users need to click on the ‘Add files’ option. Using this, they can browse through the folders and select the MPEG files that need converting. A number of them can be converted at one go with the help of the batch conversion feature. This saves the users from spending long hours in front of the system. When the order of conversion is set, the software works on the ones queued first and then works its way down. With the Free MPEG to AVCHD Converter, users have an option to check the preview of the files. If there are any parameters that can be further modified, the same can be done using the settings available. It is indeed a very functional tool.