Free MP4 to MOV Converter

Free MP4 to MOV Converter
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    Free MP4 to MOV Converter
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    2023-05-15 22:15:57
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The Free MP4 to MOV Converter tool is one of the best converter apps that can easily convert MP4 files into MOV file format. This free converter tool is ingrained with a number of features. The software app is designed to convert the files in an incomparable speed and yet deliver high quality files. It is quite a handy and reliable application that enables quick conversion of files. Users can easily convert multiple batches of files at a single time. The conversion process includes only a few simple features. Users need to select the MP4 files or the folder that contain multiple files for conversion. The process can be initiated once the output folder or destination is specified. The software interface of this free converter app is quite simple and easy to comprehend. It can therefore be utilized by both beginners and professionals with extreme simplicity. This converter tool also includes a built-in video player. The converter tool showcases a progress bar which displays the status of conversion, time elapsed and the type of files. There are various attractive aspects in this conversion tool such as optimum performance, reliability, speed and customizable features. The Free MP4 to MOV converter tool utilizes low amount of system resources and performs its task flawlessly. As it includes a simple user interface, the converter can be utilized easily. It is a clean software app which can be downloaded and installed safely and easily. The tool supports multiple or batch conversion feature and therefore it is possible to convert large number of files in a single batch. Users can alter the parameters of the output file such as the resolution, frame rate and sound quality before initiating the conversion process. The Free MP4 to MOV converter app is compatible with latest Window versions.