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    Free MP4 Player
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    2023-05-15 22:15:57
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MP4 is to videos, what MP3 is to audio files. It is a universal format for watching movies and clips and is one of the most popular file types. However, there are some players and portable devices that do not support MP4. For all of them, the Free MP4 Player is available to be downloaded. It is freeware that can be installed on any systems running on Windows OS. Its file size is so small that it does not eat up the systemsí resources. In fact, users can run it as a background program whilst carrying on with their other important apps. It supports FLV and WebM files and this makes it very versatile when compared to similar software. The drag and drop feature is one of the most attractive of all. It saves a lot of time for users as they need not search for the files which need to be played. Just dragging them and dropping them onto the interface is enough to enjoy their favourite video files. The Free MP4 Player does not require any specialised apps for it to get the job done. It has a user friendly interface that can be used effortlessly by professionals and novices alike. Users can create their own playlists and manage them with just a few clicks. Functions such as pause, play, stop, forward and rewind can be accomplished easily from the interface itself. There is no need to refer to any tutorials and this makes it one of the better known products from amongst the lot. The quality of the files being played is top class and there is a chance to further enhance the audio and video parameters. It is a clean app that does not contain any malware. All these benefits make the Free MP4 Player an ideal choice.