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    Free MKV Player
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    2023-05-15 22:15:56
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Though MKV files are known to be containers for audio and video content, it is a fact that they are not as compatible as several other file types. If users have a number of such files that they are unable to enjoy because of compatibility issues, the Free MKV Player is an ideal solution. As the name suggests, it allows users to play MKV files to be played across various platforms such as portable devices and mobile phones. Once the software is downloaded and installed onto the system, files can be played without any intermittence. The fact that the quality of the video and audio parameters is not lost is yet another benefit. Another feature of this useful software is that it also supports AVI and MP4. With the drag and drop option, users can just drag the files which need to be viewed and drop them onto the Free MKV Player. Creating their customised playlists is also made possible with the software. Apart from this, basic functions such as play, stop, pause, etc, can all be accomplished with the help of just a click each. Users can even watch their movies, video clips, etc, in the full screen mode so as to enjoy them even better. The user interface is very simple and even a novice can comprehend the software in the first instance. There are no additional apps that need to be downloaded in order to use the Free MKV Player. Any version of Windows OS can be used to install the software. The presence of some adware is perhaps the only hindrance which users have to face. However, by de-selecting all of them, there will be no harm done to the systemsí performance. It is a basic, yet functional tool that is recommended for all.