Free AVI to MOV Converter

Free AVI to MOV Converter
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    Free AVI to MOV Converter
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    2023-05-15 22:15:54
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The AVI to MOV Converter is a tool that enables users to convert their AVI files to MOV. While AVI file format was designed specifically for Windows and related devices, MOV was designed for Apple devices and their flagship QuickTime. When there are AVI files on a Windows PC that need to be converted to MOV to be viewed on any Apple devices, then the freeware is one of the better known options. The Free AVI to MOV Converter is really handy and does not take up a lot of space as well. Users need to run this software, click on the ‘Input’ box and select the files that they wish to convert to MOV. After this, they have the option to change the order of conversion according to their priority. This is especially useful if there is a file that needs to be viewed immediately. There are a lot of other functions available to the users at this stage. They can change the destination folder. Though the application remembers the last used location, users have the option to change it whenever they wish to. They can also change the output resolution and quality; depending on their need and disk space available. For example, mobile devices might do with a lower resolution while a tablet will require a higher resolution. With the Free AVI to MOV Converter, users can also remove those items from the list that they no longer wish to convert. When all these options and fields are selected, the only thing to do is click on ‘convert now’. The conversion takes a few seconds or a few minutes depending upon the number of files and the size. This Free AVI to MOV Converter is really useful for all those who want MOV files that are of excellent quality.