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    Free AVI Player
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    2023-05-15 22:15:54
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AVI is one of the most popular file types when it comes to videos. However, not every portable device supports these files. The Free AVI Player allows users to watch movies in this format on various platforms, without having to worry about compatibility. Another advantage of using this tool is that they can watch HD videos for free. Moreover, users need not be connected to the internet in order to play their files as this is a standalone app. The player can be downloaded by anyone who has a system that runs on any Windows OS. This makes it quite versatile. There is no intermittence when files are played using the Free AVI Player and this is a benefit which users can make the most of. Another advantage is the ease with which the tool can be used. Anyone can use it without the need of any assistance from a professional. If there are any issues, there is a guide that will help users in getting started. The interface is very simple. Since the software is light weight, it can be downloaded and installed in a few minutes. Once this is done, users need to add the AVI files onto the tool and start playing them immediately. The Free AVI Player also allows them to create customised playlists. Users can even share their files with others effortlessly. There is no malware contained in the tool. Therefore, the speed and performance of the device is not affected in any way. It is absolutely free; which means that there are no hidden charges or trial periods which users have to come across. Parameters such as volume, brightness, colour, etc, can be modified as per the necessity and that too, with just a few clicks. Therefore, the Free AVI Player is an apt choice.