Free AVCHD to MKV Converter

Free AVCHD to MKV Converter
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    Free AVCHD to MKV Converter
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    2023-05-15 22:15:54
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AVCHD is a HD quality container for digital videos, mainly used in camcorders. MKV, the acronym for Matroska, is a file format that is more versatile. It can be played on a number of media players and mobile devices. The Free AVCHD to MKV Converter allows users to convert their camcorder recordings and other videos to be played across various platforms in the latter format. It is therefore, quite a useful tool. One thing about this software that is commendable is that users can watch their videos in HD quality. Therefore, there is no change in this parameter. Apart from this, the speed with which the conversion takes place is also impressive. Though its file size is small, the Free AVCHD to MKV Converter is quite powerful. With just a few clicks, users can get their job done. It is free of cost and can be downloaded by anyone who has a system that runs on Windows OS. There is no danger of any malware affecting the device and users can rest assured about its safety. The user interface is yet another attractive feature. It is simple and all the functions are laid out in a concise manner. Several audio and video parameters can be enhanced by the user in order to get better MKV files in the output. Once the files are added onto the Free AVCHD to MKV Converter, the user can select the destination folder. Though the tool remembers the last saved destination, users can change it according to their requirements. A number of files can be converted simultaneously. There is no need to add them one after the other. The preview window enables users to check the quality on a real time basis. This feature of the Free AVCHD to MKV Converter is yet another benefit.