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Free AMR Player
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    Free AMR Player
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    2023-05-15 22:15:53
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The Free AMR Player is an extremely functional tool that helps users to convert their 3GP files to MPEG. Both 3GP and MPEG files are lossy formats. However, a major difference between the two is that while 3GP is used for mobile devices and is generally regarded as a container, MPEG is used for distribution in CDS, Digital Cable TV, etc. Once the files are converted from 3GP to MPEG, they can be copied to CDs and used in voice distribution as well. The Free AMR Playeris an application that anyone can use without any glitches. The first step is to install, run and complete the download of the freeware. After this, users need to upload the files to be converted to the MPEG format. Once files are identified, users can click on the ‘add files’ button this will upload the files onto the converter. The next step is to specify the order of conversion. If there is a need for a particular file to be viewed immediately, it can be placed first in queue. The Free AMR Playersupports batch conversion. This means that all the files to be converted can be uploaded at on go, instead of adding them one by one. There are a lot of other options available to users. The quality and resolution of the MPEG file can be changed according to their requirements and users can also change the output folder as and when they want to. Though the program remembers the last used folder, they can change it at any instance. Depending on the number of files to be converted and the individual file size, the maximum time taken by the Free AMR Playerto get the job done is two minutes.